Free Download - PDH Record Form (a MS Word file, 31KB)
(contributed by Matthew Stuart, P.E., S.E., P. Eng.)

Dear Colleagues:

Each state that has continuing education requirements mandates that the individual is responsible for the detailed and accurate record keeping of his or her earned PDHs.

Although NCEES offers a record keeping service (for a fee of course), I believe that most engineers maintain their own records. Most states also provide some type of form to fill out when renewing your license that serves as a written record.  However, as I am registered in 41 states, Canada and Puerto Rico I have developed my own form that has been accepted by all of the applicable states that require PDHs.

Although all of the continuing education activity types listed in my form are not necessarily recognized by all of the applicable states, I have found that this form works for my purposes (i.e. multi-state licenses) and, as I mentioned above, has been accepted by all of the respective states requiring continuing education for which I am registered in. For your information, I used the State of Alabama form as the go by for the initial definition of the activities and expanded it from there.

I would like to make my PDH Record Form available to everyone as a free PDHonline service. Please feel free to download the Form using the link provided above.


Matthew Stuart, P.E., S.E., P. Eng.
PDHonline Instructor