Do I have another chance to take the quiz if I fail on the first attempt?

Yes, you may take the quiz again until you pass (no additional charge).

How long does it take for you to grade the quiz?

The quiz is graded immediately by our computer once you click the SUBMIT button at the end of the online quiz. The computer will notify you whether you pass or fail the quiz in a split second, and will indicate the incorrect answers if you achieve a passing score or higher. If you pass the quiz, a certificate of completion will be displayed on the screen for you to print through the browser's FILE menu. The same certificate is also stored in your account for record and re-printing.

What is the passing score for an online quiz?

The passing score is 70% for all PDHonline quizzes except those registered with AIA/CES or approved by Texas PLS Board. The passing score for AIA/CES registered courses and Texas PLS Board approved courses is 80% and 95%, respectively.

How many questions are in each quiz?

The number of quiz questions varies from course to course. There are at least 10 quiz questions in each course offering less than 5 PDH credits and at least 20 quiz questions in each course offering more than 4 PDH credits.

Do I have to be online the entire time to take courses or quizzes?

No, you may print out the course materials and quiz, and complete them off-line before entering your answers through our online quiz system.