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Robert E. Merton,Sr. PE
Civil and Electrical Engineer

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Mr. Merton holds a Master of Engineering Degree from the University of Florida and is a Registered Professional Engineer in several States. He has over 30 years of successful leadership and management experience in technical, engineering, public works, contracting, and utilities organizations with an outstanding record of developing and implementing creative and realistic solutions to difficult challenges.

He retired from the U.S. Navy after serving over 24 years. During his career he served as an Electronics Technician for about 8 years and was commissioned as an Unrestricted Line Officer after being selected for, and successfully completing, a Navy college scholarship program. After 8 years as an Unrestricted Line Officer, Mr. Merton was selected for entry into the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, where he completed his Navy career.

After retiring from military service Mr. Merton worked as a Public Works Director for a City and later a County, providing Public Works and Engineering services and managing several major construction and design projects. During his tenures as Public Works Director he also gained firsthand experience with disaster preparation and recovery as the result of major floods and hurricanes.

He recently returned from working overseas as part of a team providing support to a major military installation.

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