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W. Ronald Woods, PE
Structural Engineer

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Mr. Woods is a graduate of the University of Florida and is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states and is certified as a Special Inspector in Florida. He is also licensed as a Certified General Contractor and a Certified Roofing Contractor in the state of Florida.

Mr. Woods began his engineering career in 1976. Since that time he has gained significant experience in the analysis, design, investigation, and testing of structures and construction materials including soils, concrete, asphalt, plastics, composites, wood, glass, rubber, structural metals, pavement systems, and roof systems. He routinely provides materials investigations, failure investigations, and litigation support/expert testimony on a variety of projects. Mr. Woods has authored numerous technical reports and studies and has served as a technical editor and reviewer for national and international publishers. He has served in technical societies and on committees at the local, regional, and national level, is a past President and Director of the Central Florida Chapter of the American Concrete Institute, and past President and Director for the First Coast Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

In addition to his professional experience in the engineering field, Mr. Woods is a former adjunct instructor in the Construction Management program at the University of North Florida and has also been a guest speaker at over 50 seminars and short courses. He currently serves on the College of Computing Sciences and Engineering, Building Construction Management Advisory Council and on the Dean’s Leadership Council.

In February 2000, Mr. Woods was elected “Engineer of the Year” for northeast Florida by the combined area engineering societies.

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