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1. How can I get an additional certificate of completion?

You may print certificates of completion for the courses you have taken from "My Account" (on the top menu bar).

2. How can I get a complete record of the courses I have taken from your website?

You may obtain a complete record of the courses you have taken with us from "My Account" (on the top menu bar).

3. Do I need to submit a copy of the certificate of completion to my state board?

Usually you do not need to mail your certificates of completion to your board unless you are asked to do so on the renewal form or when you are audited. However, you should keep a copy of the certificate of completion for your own record.

4. Do you report PDH credits to all the state boards?

No. However, we submit periodic reports to the state boards that require reporting from approved continuing education providers. Our reports include the names and license numbers of all registrants completing the PDHonline courses during the reporting period and the PDH credits earned.

5. Do you report Learning Units directly to the AIA for AIA members?

Yes, we report your Learning Units directly to the AIA on a monthly basis. It will take approximately one week following the end of the month for your Learning Units to appear on your AIA transcript. To ensure that your LUs are included in our report, you must provide your AIA membership number in your profile, and you must take the courses listed under the category "AIA/CES Registered Courses". If you take courses not registered with AIA/CES, you must report the earned Learning Units using the Self Report Form provided by AIA/CES. To update your profile, please visit "My Account" on the top menu bar.

6. Why can't I find my PDH credits at myfloridalicense.com?

The missing PDH credits could be caused by one of the following reasons:

1. You did not provide us your Florida license number in your profile at the time you completed your course(s).
2. You provided an incorrect Florida license number in your profile at the time you completed your course(s).
3. You became a Florida PE after you initially signed up as a user of our website.

In any of the above cases, you need to add/verify your Florida license number through "My Account" and notify us through "Contact Us". Please include your course number, completion date and license number in your correspondence so that we can report/resubmit your credit hours.

As a Florida Board approved continuing education provider, PDHonline.org/PDHcenter.com submits periodic PDH reports to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. Our Florida reports are usually filed on a monthly basis except in the last two months of a license renewal cycle. During the license renewal season, we file our Florida reports more frequently, from weekly in the last two months (January and February in odd year) to daily in the last week of February (odd year) to facilitate the your license renewal process. Since June 1, 2009, you can no longer self-report your continuing education credits for courses completed after 5/31/2009.

For additional information, please visit the Board website below:

Florida Board of Professional Engineers

7. Why can't I find my previous PDH course purchase or completed course records in My Account?

This may be because you have more than one account with us. If your email address has changed, you should still use the old email address and the associated password to access your previous account information. If you would like to combine your records from two accounts, please provide us your old and new email addresses through "Contact Us" or call us at 703-988-0088.

8. Do you report to the Florida Board?

Currently, we submit periodic reports to the Florida PLS Board, but not to the FL PE Board (not required anymore). Please note that you must provide us your Florida PLS license number in your profile so that we can report your PDH credits. If you do not see your PDH credits after one month, please notify us through "Contact Us", and provide us the course number and your Florida PLS Number in your message so that we can report your credits.

9. How do you determine the date of completion?

The date of completion for a course is the date you successfully complete the quiz, and is based on your time zone. Our server clock follows the Eastern Time. If you are located in another time zone and you completed your course before midnight your local time, we can adjust the date of completion for you upon your request.

10. Can I view your sample certificate?

Yes, please click the sample certificate of completion for details.

11. My certificate is not signed. What can I do?

If you printed your certificate using Windows 10's Edge browser prior to August 1, 2017, you may notice the signature image is missing from your certificate. To eliminate this problem, we have updated our image files to be compatible with the new browser. If your certificate is missing the signature, there are two solutions to address this problem:

1. If you saved a digital copy of your certificate on your computer, you may open the digital certificate using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and print another copy; or

2. If you did not save a digital copy of your certificate on your computer, you may log into our website and print another copy from your account.

If you could not find the answer to your question, please send your question through "Contact Us".