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Christopher M.A. Haslego, B.S. ChE
Chemical Engineer

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Mr. Haslego is a graduate of West Virginia University and is President of Cheresources, Inc., an online information services company dedicated to the Chemical Processing Industry. Mr. Haslego began his engineering career in 1998 as a process engineering Formosa Plastics. Since then he has gained significant experience in process control, heat transfer and separation technologies, cost estimation, and manufacturing standards. Mr. Haslego has authored numerous technical reports appearing in publications such as Chemical Engineering Magazine, Chemical Engineering Progress, and Hydrocarbon Processing. Additionally, he has author countless online articles, spreadsheet tools, maintenance publications, and technical questions and answers via his website at www.cheresources.com.

Mr. Haslego is currently serving as a senior heat transfer engineer with Alfa Laval, Inc. as well. His responsibilities include advanced heat transfer theory, two-phase heat transfer design, evaporation system design, and customer process troubleshooting.

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