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John R. Andrew, PE
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, England and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Andrew has 29 successful years of industrial engineering experience supervising engineers and designers in conception through detail shop drawings, equipment specifications, process planning, installation, and start-up of a wide variety of manufacturing facilities including: Automotive, Electronics, Furnace, Material Handling, Nuclear, Solid waste, and Textile.

He has been responsible for writing production equipment specifications, purchasing, and finished product quality and is proficient in several CAD, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software applications.

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Course No. Courses Provided by John R. Andrew, P.E. PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
G186 Inventing by the NCMR Method 10 $249 Buy Quiz
G206 AutoCAD 2-D Basics 6 $149 Buy Quiz
G209 AutoCAD 3-D Basics 8 $199 Buy Quiz
G218 Engineering Sketching for Design and Communication 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G235 Applying For a Patent Online 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G236 How to Invent by the NCMR Method 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G280 AutoCAD Inventor - Solid Modeling, Stress and Dynamic Analysis 15 $349 Buy Quiz
G321 Green Engineering Spreadsheets: Section-1 Insulation 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G323 Green Engineering Spreadsheets: Section 2 - Dust and Pollution Collection 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G350 CATIA-5 PART-A: 3D CAD, Parts, Assemblies and Drawings 8 $199 Buy Quiz
G351 CATIA-5 PART-B: 3D CAD, Mechanisms and Finite Element Analysis 10 $249 Buy Quiz
M236 Machine Design Excel Calculations 8 $199 Buy Quiz
M237 Heat Transfer Excel Calculations 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M257 Metal Fatigue Excel Calculations 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M258 Manufacturing Operations Spreadsheets 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M259 Weldment Strength Excel Calculations 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M260 Screw Conveyors, Feeders, and Mixers 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M261 Jigs and Fixtures for Automation 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M262 Bulk Material Belt Conveyor Specification 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M271 Bolted Joint Excel Calculations 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M275 Chain Drives and Drag Chain Conveyor Excel Spread Sheets 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M315 Bucket Elevator Excel Calculations 1 $29 Buy Quiz
M363 Steam & Combustion Power Cycles Spreadsheet 10 $249 Buy Quiz
M369 Earth Moving Equipment Spreadsheet Engineering Elements 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M382 Industrial Spring Spreadsheet Calculations 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M389 Process Pumps, Valves, & Pipe Spreadsheet Analysis 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M390 Vibration and Shock Load Spreadsheet Analysis 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M391 Machine Design Spreadsheet Analysis Elements 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M395 Manufacturing Operations Spreadsheets 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M397 Fluid Power Cylinders and Motors Spreadsheet Analysis 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M418 SolidWorks CAD Basics and Stress Analysis 6 $149 Buy Quiz
M424 HVAC Spreadsheet Calculations and Free Psychrometric Software 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M437 Pneumatic Conveying Spreadsheet 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M452 Gear Spreadsheet Analysis 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M627 Six Sigma Summary Spreadsheets 10 $249 Buy Quiz
S239 Beam Spreadsheet Calculations 5 $129 Buy Quiz
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