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Dave M. Coker, PE
Civil Engineer

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Mr. Coker has worked in the sanitary and pharmaceutical equipment industry for the past 12 years. Over that time he has acquired extensive experience with Clean-In-Place systems and sanitary fluid distribution design. He specializes in the applications ranging from relatively simple cleaning designs for industrial applications to small and complex pharmaceutical ones. His prior experience in the private sector managing large capital projects compliments his current duties with pharmaceutical clients involved in process design and optimization. He also has extensive prior design experience using risk assessment guidelines. This experience gives him a unique understanding of the FDAs revised CGMP strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to his engineering and project management experience, Mr. Coker has worked in business development and complementary business management functions. Mr. Coker is an active member of the Master Brewers Associate and the International Society for Pharmaceutical engineers. He has conducted numerous educational conferences and workshops for engineering staffs in most of the Fortune Top-50 corporations in the United States and abroad. Mr. Coker has fostered change and improvement in numerous organizations through his business and production process expertise.

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