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Clint M. McCann, PE
Electrical Engineer

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Mr. McCann has over 25 years of engineering and management experience serving defense contractor, commercial OEM, and educational settings. He holds an AAS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, a BS in General Engineering, and an MS in Engineering Management. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a member of the IEEE.

Mr. McCann’s cross-functional Engineering experience includes the following areas: Electrical Test, Signal Processor Design/Development, Component, Product, Process, Repair, Calibration, and Maintenance.

In addition to his engineering work he has served in Management roles covering the areas of Engineering, Production and Test, Facilities, and Component Procurement and Inventory. He has extensive training and experience in the areas of Project Management, Value Engineering, Lean Manufacturing concepts, and Six Sigma implementation.

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M351 Introduction to World Class Machine Maintenance Methods 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M354 Applying Modern Manufacturing Processes to Engineering Prototypes 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M411 Introduction to Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M453 Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs 2 $59 Buy Quiz
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