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Edward H. Steve, PE
Chemical Engineer

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Ed is a graduate of Cornell University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states. Now retired, he practiced for 47 years and acquired extensive design, operating and management experience in the petrochemical, chemical specialty, alternative fuels, electronics, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and biotechnology industries. Ed has authored numerous technical articles and Dr. A. Kayode Coker in his book Modeling of Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design quoted Edís work extensively in the sections on the scale-up, heat transfer model and jacket zoning of batch reactors.

In addition to his engineering experience, Ed gives practical and real-world perspectives to chemical engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania during the preparation of their senior design projects. When needed, he expands the studentsí background with a special lecture on the principles of unsteady state heat transfer in process vessels. He delivered technical papers at the first Chemical Engineering Magazine EXPO and at a Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering convention.

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