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Elie Tawil, PE, LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Tawil is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a licensed Professional Engineer with over 9 years of experience in the government and private sectors. He provided engineering design, consulting, cost estimating, and construction services to various clients. Possess a strong technical knowledge in the mechanical engineering field supplemented by a general environmental engineering knowledge. Mr. Tawil’s mechanical professional practice involves HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection design for several residential, commercial, and industrial building projects. His environmental experience included site investigations and evaluation of building material and the associated MEP systems as they relate to the presence of asbestos-containing material and/or lead-based paint material. Moreover, Mr. Tawil is currently involved in the Oil and Gas industry handling different mechanical package equipment typically utilized on offshore process oil platforms in the Middle East.

In addition to his professional experience in the engineering field, Mr. Tawil provides online continuing education courses for professional engineers, as well as technical seminars for in-house staff and existing clients.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Elie Tawil, P.E., LEED AP PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
D160 Termites: their Prevention and Control in Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E730 Transformers: Basics, Maintenance, and Diagnostics 5 $129 Buy Quiz
E731 Electrical Safety 6 $149 Buy Quiz
G631 Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handlin 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M531 Motor and Drive System Basics 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M532 Residential Heat Recovery Ventilators 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M533 UnderFloor Air Distribution (UFAD) 1 $29 Buy Quiz
M534 Boiler Classification and Application 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M559 Building Air Quality: Basics 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M560 Indoor Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M561 Overview of Geothermal Energy 1 $29 Buy Quiz
M562 Mechanical Equipment 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M565 Internal Combustion Engine 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M672 Continuous Energy Improvement in Motor Driven Systems 8 $199 Buy Quiz
M673 Water Efficiency Management Guide for Mechanical Systems 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M674 Principles of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M675 How a Wind Turbine Works 1 $29 Buy Quiz
M676 Guidelines for Estimating Unmetered Industrial Water Use 2 $59 Buy Quiz
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