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Nilson L. Primo, PE
Electrical Engineer

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Mr. Primo is a graduate of the FEI, one of the best Universities with a focus on engineering in Brazil and is a licensed Professional Engineer in all states in Brazil. Mr. Primo began his engineering career in 1996. Since then he has gained significant experience in the Coordination, Implementation and Commissioning in Engineering Electrical, Telecommunications and Architecture, Networking Projects and Implementation in Electricity System Distribution, Infrastructure, Acoustic Insulation, Access Control, CCTV, HVAC, Redundancy and Automatic Fire Suppression in Datacenters and Automation System, PMI Management Methods, KPI Analysis in Projects and Infrastructure; Start-Up and Commissioning of Telecommunications Systems, Electrical Infrastructure and Connectivity; Advanced Knowledge of the UPTIME Certification Standards (Projects in Tier II, III and IV in Datacenters) and LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Sustainable Buildings, Connectivity and Mobility, Virtualization, Networking Security and Optical Network Projects in Infrastructure Cabling (LAN, MAN, WAN and CAN). Mr. Primo has authored numerous technical reports, lectures and studies and has served as a Technical Instructor in Universities, Technical Schools and Telecommunications Companies in Brazil. He has served in Technical Societies and on Committees at National level (ABNT CB3- Brazilian Association of Technical Standards).

In addition to his professional experience in the engineering field, Mr. Primo is an instructor in the Telecommunications and Electrical Program at the Facens University and Unicamp University and has also been a guest speaker at over 5 seminars and short courses.

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