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Susan Marshall, PE, MBA
Chemical Engineer

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Ms. Marshall is a Chemical Engineer, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and a licensed Professional Engineer in several states. She obtained her MBA from Webster University in Saint Louis. Ms. Marshall began her engineering career as a Process Engineer in manufacturing. Since then she has gained significant experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, over-the-counter drug, personal care, and dermatological industries. She routinely provides consulting services in the areas of FDA compliance, FDA validation, automated and computerized systems, pharma equipment cleaning validation, process validation, packaging, regulatory, training, quality assurance, quality engineering, quality management, quality systems, and auditing. Ms. Marshall’s experience includes executive positions, project management, consulting roles, FDA audit host, ISO auditing, and quality management. She is a recognized expert in Computer Systems Validation (CSV).
In addition to her professional experience in the engineering and quality fields, Ms. Marshall is a former college adjunct instructor in Computer Programming and fundamental computer skills. She currently
volunteers to promote and encourage students to choose STEM careers.

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K155 Introduction to FDA Medical Device Quality and Compliance 3 $89 Buy Quiz
K156 Introduction to Computer System Validation 3 $89 Buy Quiz
K157 Good Documentation Practices (GDP) For FDA Regulated Industries 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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