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Robert A. Marrs, PE
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Marrs is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. He is also a professional engineer, currently licensed in five states. Mr. Marrs started his career at Hughes Helicopter designing advanced helicopters and structurally testing Apache helicopter components. He then moved to Lockheed and continued testing satellite structures and components in structural and environmental tests. Mr. Marrs then moved across country to pursue an opportunity in the automotive industry at General Motors. There he designed radio and heater controls and brought them into prototype and production. Customers included such brands as Chevy, Cadillac, and Saturn.

Following General Motors he worked in Europe with a automotive supplier in Scotland. On returning to the U.S., he got into the environmental industry and was an environmental systems engineer working to keep customers in environmental compliance, overseeing petroleum remediation cleanup, and designing advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Currently, Mr. Marrs is the engineering manager for IMPulse NC, an overhead catenary system supplier. He designs and tests parts for electric train and trolley overhead electrification. With such varied experience Mr. Marrs has a firm grip on engineering, physics, and the mechanical applications of engineering principles. He has two patents with General Motors and one with IMPulseNC.

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