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William Maskevich, PE
Electrical Engineer

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Mr. Maskevich is a graduate of San Diego State University and is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in both California and Illinois. Mr. Maskevich began his engineering career in 1992 after completing a student internship with the Department of the Navy as an assistant construction manager while working on his degree. He gained significant experience in equipment ratings (beyond simply knowing the load current and voltage) and the protection of such equipment. He also gained extensive experience in the analysis of electrical distribution systems, load analysis, and the sizing and rating of electrical equipment in accord with the industry standards that cover the manufacture and rating of such equipment. Mr. Maskevich also participated in maintenance testing of electrical equipment and providing technical/engineering support to resolve issues with electrical distribution systems and equipment.

In addition, Mr. Maskevich after completing his professional internship with the Department of the Navy and being assigned to the Design and Engineering Department, began to explore the discipline of lighting design. Knowing that light had to obeys the laws of electromagnetic radiation he began an investigation of industry standards and resources to confirm that this was recognized and if lighting design could be approached from such laws. A Senior Electrical Engineer noticed his interest and provided a design guide (Westinghouse Lighting Discipline) for Mr. Maskevich’s use (as well as reference material on Hazardous (classified) Locations and electrical distribution design). Mr. Maskevich learned that the discipline of lighting design extends beyond the laws of physics to encompass both physiological as well as psychological considerations.

Mr. Maskevich has participated in various activities. Accepted, although non-Hispanic, into the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Engineering Club, Mr. Maskevich was chairman of the college paper airplane contest overseeing the implementation and successful completion of the contest. Mr. Maskevich also stepped in to provide the state-of-the-local chapter speech at the regional meeting when the club’s president came down with a case of laryngitis. Mr. Maskevich, as a member of the Knights of Columbus (KoC), chaired the KoC first annual spelling bee contest, successfully organizing the event and implementing practices to allow easy scalability in the event of an unforeseen number of participants. Mr. Maskevich has also volunteered on various councils for his local church.

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