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Electrical Design Cathodic Protection Part II: Installation and Construction Practices

Bijan Ghayour, PE

This 6-hour course provides detailed information on the installation, construction practices, system checkout and initial adjustments, and maintenance of cathodic protection systems. This course also offers methods for economic evaluation of different options available to corrosion control systems designers.

Cathodic protection is an electromechanical method used to prevent or control corrosion of buried or submerged metallic structures. Cathodic protection systems are active systems that rely on the application of electric current to control corrosion. If current is interrupted, corrosion will progress at a normal rate for the material/environment combination; if supplied current is inadequate for complete protection, corrosion will progress at a reduced rate. After a cathodic protection system is installed and adjusted to provide adequate protection, current and potentials should remain relatively stable; changes in currents or potentials indicate the presence of a problem.

This course offers practical guidelines for the proper installation and operation of cathodic protection systems for variety of applications.

Part I of this course, covered in PDH course number E-222, provides detailed information on the basic concepts and fundamentals of the cathodic protection systems, including an understanding of the cathodic protection concepts, cathodic protection system design principals, differences between impressed current and sacrificial anode systems, corrosivity of soils on steel based materials, and provides guidelines and examples for designing cathodic protection systems for underground and above ground structures.

The course materials are based entirely on the military handbook MIL-HDBK-1004/10 of Department of the Army: Electrical Engineering - Cathodic Protection.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of course materials.

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