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Medical Gases, Hypo & Hyperbaric Medicine Major Concepts

Jurandir Primo, PE

This course brings practical concepts for Medical Gases, Hypo & Hyperbaric Medicine Major Concepts, in a very important didactic form, suited for everyone, beginners, students, technicians, engineers, doctors, anesthetists, nurses, safeguards, and all interested professionals, working or not, with medical gases, gas distribution, production, manufacturing, chemistry, medicine, civil or mechanical engineering. The concepts of this course are divided in 10 basic sections as follows: Introduction, Manufacturing Gas History, Gas Fundamentals and Laws, Cryogenics, Scuba Gases, Medical Gases Types and Basic Concepts, Medical Gases Application, Hypobaric & Hyperbaric Medicine, Gas Transport, Storage and Safety, and Links & References, properly illustrated and clearly distributed in 42 pages.

Compressed medical gases include gaseous and liquid (cryogenic) forms stored in high-pressure cylinders that are administered as a gas. Diving Gases are mixtures of gaseous chemical elements and compounds used for health support and respiration, inside or outside the water. Hypobaric chambers are used primarily for training, experimental purposes, high altitude heath treatments or to simulate the effects of high altitude, such as hypoxia and hypobaria (low ambient air pressure). Hyperbaric therapy is a medical treatment is healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

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