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Topography & Surveying – Essential GuidelinesPE, PLS & RA

Jurandir Primo

Topography, as well as surveying, are both fields of geoscience concerned with local details in general, including not only geographical reliefs, but also cartographic outputs, local history, culture, and archaeology. Topography, today, in a narrow sense involves the recording of reliefs and terrains, the identification of specific landforms, also known as “geomorphometry” and the three-dimensional quality of the surface. In modern usage, this involves the generation of elevation data in digital forms, which includes the graphic representation of the landforms on a map, contour lines, hypsometric tints (layer or elevation coloring), aerial photography, and relief shadings by a variety of techniques.

This course brings the most important concepts of this subject, with Geodesy and Geodetic parameters, Cartography, planimetrics, basic topographic techniques, units and measurements, ancient and current surveying equipment. The main objective of topography and surveying is the study of the shape, features, size, and relative position of a limited portion of a land surface, also considering the level of the sea or the top of high mountains. The term “topography”, comes from the Greek, topos (place) + graphen (writing), meaning the exact and detailed description of a place.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

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