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NA N271
Augercast Piles and Deep Soil Mixing (1-Hour Live Webinar)

Andres Baquerizo, PE

Augercast piling has evolved from small diameter piles supporting modest loading to large diameter mega-piles supporting 70+story structures in challenging subsurface conditions. This presentation will include examples and case histories of augercast piles up to 36-inches in diameter installed to depths in excess of 150 feet. Included in this presentation will be the advancements in testing of these mega-piles including Statnamic Testing up to 4,500 tons and Double Osterberg Cell Testing up to 5,200 tons. The advancements in the installation equipment allowing the piles to be installed into rock and intermediate geomaterials necessary to develop these capacities will be presented. Presentation will include the capabilities of Automated Monitoring Equipment used as a quality control measure for the installation of the piles and new applications for augercast piling.

When it comes to ground modification, the possibilities of use of the Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) process are especially diverse. It can be used everywhere where there is a necessity to stabilize the soil or where it would make sense to do so. The presentation will cover application of DSM in foundations, supporting walls, groundwater barriers, slope stabilization and many more.

Keller North America provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering and construction services to improve soils in-place and to both construct new and to rehabilitate foundations. Within our range of services, a Ground Modification solution is generally available for the toughest subsurface conditions.

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