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Steve Ramroop, Ph.D., GISP
Professor of Surveying

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Dr. Ramroop is a PhD graduate of the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand with also a MSc from International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Science (ITC), The Netherlands; and a BSc degree in Land Surveying from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Trinidad. Dr. Ramroop is a recipient of a “Commonwealth Scholarship” from New Zealand which involved three years funding (1998-2001) to write for his PhD degree. He is also a recipient of a fellowship under the “Netherlands Fellowship Program” from The Netherlands which involves two years funding (1993-1995) to write for his MSc Degree. Dr. Ramroop won the Ashton Williams prize for the “Best Information Systems Project” (1992) at the Surveying and Land Information Department, University of the West Indies, Trinidad.

Dr. Ramroop started teaching as an Assistant Lecturer in 1995 at the Surveying and Land Information Department, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. During such time he taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Geomatics field. He has worked out in the field where he was able to apply all of his expertise that incorporated all aspects under the umbrella of the Geomatics field. Topics covered were GIS/LIS concepts, Data Acquisition; Data output design and quality; Cartographic Visualization; Introduction to Cartography; Surveying Technology; and Measurement Systems; Surveying for Civil Engineers. In addition to teaching, Dr. Ramroop also was a GIS consultant for Fujitsu-ICL for approximately one and a half years.

After completing his PhD, Dr. Ramroop got an Assistant Professor job at Troy University to teach Geomatics courses. He taught Introduction to GIS; Applications in GIS; Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing; AutoCAD; Geodesy; Principles of Cartography and Surveying; Land Development; Subdivision Design and Practice; and GIS Projects. He has secured many Geomatics related projects for Troy University. Dr. Ramroop has been promoted to an Associate Professor, and also he is the Program Director for the Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program.

Dr. Ramroop is pro-active with many of the GIS related activities in the state and he has written many peer reviewed papers in journals and also at conferences. He has also given many seminars in the Geomatics field.

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