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A. Bhatia, B.E.
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Bhatia has a wide experience in conceptual and detailed planning of building services design, industrial utilities, and energy conservation. He has worked on a United Nations led program on energy management jointly with renowned international experts specialised in their sectors. He has presented technical papers and has drafted nearly 70-energy audit & management reports in association with reputed chamber of commerce & industry. His exposure includes practical site auditing in the following sectors:

- Engineering & manufacturing industries
- Commercial buildings including offices, hotels and hospitals
- Food and Pharmaceutical industries
- Electronic and data processing facilities
- Glass and ceramic industries
- Textile and seed processing
- Chemical, fertilizer and petrochemical industry
- Sugar, milk and vegetable processing plants
- Cogeneration and energy management
- Steel and non-ferrous mini plants

The courses presented here with are the edited extracts from few of the reports in the area of Energy Auditing, Efficient Building Design, Industrial Utilities, and Health & Safety during his tenure with UNDP. Mr. Bhatia holds BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Course No. Courses Provided by A. Bhatia, B.E. PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
A104 Definitions of Terms Commonly Used in Architecture and Interior Design 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E144 Power Factor in Electrical Energy Management 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E149 Twenty Ways to Optimize Electric Efficiency in the Use of Induction Motors 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E153 Performance Assessment of Lighting Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E154 Variable Speed Drives in Electrical Energy Management 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E156 Understanding Motor Nameplate Information - NEMA v/s IEC Standards 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E164 Overview & Energy Optimization of Power Distribution Transformers 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E166 Principles and Methods of Temperature Measurement 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E167 Principles of Process Control 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E169 Basic Electrical Theory & Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E170 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of DC Circuits, Batteries, DC Generators & Motors 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E170T Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of DC Circuits, Batteries, DC Generators & Motors (Timed & Monitored) 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E171 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of AC Power, AC Generators, AC Reactive Components, and Voltage Regulators 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E172 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of AC Motors, Transformers and Measuring Instruments 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E177 Determining Motor Load & Efficiency from Measured Data 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E181 Corrosion Mitigation through Electrical Design Cathodic Protection 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E193 Overview of Uninterruptive Power Systems (UPS) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E204 Introduction to Short Circuit Analysis 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E233 Electrical Fundamentals – Introduction to Batteries 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E233T Electrical Fundamentals – Introduction to Batteries (Timed & Monitored) 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E234 Electrical Fundamentals – Introduction to Matter, Energy and Electricity 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E235 Electrical Fundamentals – Introduction to Direct Current (DC) Theory 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E236 Electrical Fundamentals – Concepts of Alternating Current 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E237 Electrical Fundamentals – Introduction to Inductance 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E238 Electrical Fundamentals – Capacitors and Capacitance 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E239 Electrical Fundamentals – Reactance and Impedance 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E243 Electrical Fundamentals – Overview of Transformers 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E244 Introduction to Electrical Measurements 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E245 Introduction to Circuit Protection Devices 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E247 Electrical Fundamentals - Introduction to Circuit Control Devices 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E248 Description of Electrical Conductors 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E249 Introduction to Wiring Techniques 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G147 Life Cycle Assessment of Building Projects 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G177 A Guide for Interior Design 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G253 Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawings 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G272 Overview of Arc Welding Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G287 Safe Rooms and Shelters - CBR Threat Protection 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M117 Selection Tips For Air-Conditioning Cooling Systems 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M119 HVAC Made Easy - Selection Tips for Chiller Compressors 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M120 HVAC Made Easy - Environmental Issues and Refrigerants 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M121 Cooling Water Systems - An Overview of Cooling Towers 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M123 Cooling Water- 'Problems And Solutions' 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M126 Sizing Plumbing Water System 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M127 Building Automation Systems after September 11th 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M130 Overview of Vapor Absorption Chilling Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M131 HVAC Energy Conservation through Cooling Water Conditioning 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M132 The Performance Monitoring and Maintenance Audit of HVAC System 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M133 HVAC Design Considerations for Corrosive Environments 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M135 HVAC Made Easy - Overview of Psychrometrics 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M135T HVAC Made Easy - Overview of Psychrometrics (Timed & Monitored) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M137 Overview of Portable Fire Extinguishers 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M145 HVAC: Cool Thermal Storage 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M146 Compressed Air Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M147 Design Options For HVAC Distribution System 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M149 HVAC Design Aspects: Choosing A Right System 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M150 Design Considerations for Hydronic Pump System Design 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M151 Hot Water Plumbing Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M156 Process Plant Insulation & Fuel Efficiency 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M157 Insulation Audit and the Economic Thickness of Insulation 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M158 Overview of Refractory Materials 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M166 Improving Energy Efficiency of Boiler Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M167 Steam Management - Overview of Steam Traps 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M185 HVAC - Description of Useful Terms 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M186 HVAC Optimization with Cold Air Distribution 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M187 HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M196 HVAC Made Easy: A Guide to Heating & Cooling Load Estimation 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M197 Fundamentals of HVAC Controls 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M206 Overview of Noise Control and HVAC Acoustics in Buildings 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M207 HVAC - Overview of Space Heating Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M208 Overview of General Purpose & Industrial Ventilation Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M209 Overview of General Purpose Valves 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M210 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M211 Basic Fundamentals of Heat Transfer 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M212 Basic Fundamentals of Fluid Flow 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M213 Characteristics and Selection Parameters of Fans and Blower Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M214 Basic Overview of Corrosion Theory 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M215 HVAC Refresher - Facilities Standard for the Building Services (Part 1) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M216 HVAC Refresher - Facilities Standard for the Building Services (Part 2) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M217 HVAC - Overview of Underfloor Air-conditioning Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M218 Lubricating Principles and Lubricating Oils 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M219 Introduction to Fire Alarm & Detection Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M220 Salient Features of Bearing Lubrication 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M221 Application of Grease and Nonfluid Solid Lubrication 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M222 Lubrication Applications, Specifications and Selection 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M223 Coatings Types and Characteristics 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M224 Water Treatment for Boiler Plants 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M227 Dehumidification in Industrial and Building Applications 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M228 Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M231 Principles of Evaporative Cooling System 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M232 Variable Air Volume Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M233 Boilers - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M234 Refrigeration Chiller Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M235 Hydronic Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M238 Plumbing - Description of Useful Terms 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M239 Introduction to Material and Energy Balance 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M244 Fundamentals of Mechanical Refrigeration Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M245 Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Cranes and Hoists 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M246 HVAC Ducting – Principles and Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M247 Introduction to Hydraulic Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M248 Managing Water Consumption in Cooling Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M249 Sizing Ventilation Equipment – Hoods, Ductwork & Stack 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M250 HVAC Air Handling Unit Design Considerations 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M251 HVAC – Guide to Demand Control Ventilation 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M252 HVAC Design Overview of Variable Air Volume Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M253 HVAC – Natural Ventilation & Infiltration 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M316 Air-Conditioning Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M317 Refrigeration Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M318 HVAC Cooling Load Calculations and Principles 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M319 Heat Loss Calculations and Principles 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M320 Cooling Towers - Made Easy 7 $169 Buy Quiz
M321 HVAC Thermal Comfort - Concepts & Fundamentals 6 $149 Buy Quiz
M322 HVAC Equipments and Systems 7 $169 Buy Quiz
M323 Compressed Air Energy Efficiency 6 $149 Buy Quiz
M324 Cooling Water Treatment 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M325 Pneumatic Conveying Systems 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M326 Air Moving Systems and Fire Protection 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M327 Firefighting and Fire Prevention 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M328 HVAC Chilled Water Distribution 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M329 HVAC Pumps Characteristics and Energy Efficiency 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M330 Psychrometrics and Air Conditioning Processes 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M331 HVAC for Cleanroom Facilities 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M332 HVAC Design for Oil & Gas Facilities 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M333 HVAC Design for Pharmaceutical Facilities (GMP’s) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M334 HVAC for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities 6 $149 Buy Quiz
M335 Commercial HVAC 8 $199 Buy Quiz
M336 Fluid Power (Part 1) – Hydraulic Principles 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M337 Fluid Power (Part 2) – Hydraulic Power Units 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M338 Fluid Power Systems (Part 3) – Hydraulic Components 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M339 HVAC Tips for Green Buildings 10 $249 Buy Quiz
M340 Material Properties & Corrosion for Nuclear Plants 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M341 Evaporative Cooling Design Guidelines Manual 5 $129 Buy Quiz
M343 LEEDTM Rating System for Green Buildings 6 $149 Buy Quiz
M355 Thermal Spraying Technology and Applications 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M356 Passive Cooling Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M359 Ozone for Air Pollution Control – Myths & Realities 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M364 Overview of Refrigerants Selection 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M365 Desiccant Cooling Technology 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M366 Professional Engineer Guide to ENERGY STAR® Label for Commercial 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M375 Heat Rejection Options in HVAC Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M376 Overview of Building Elevator Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M386 Introduction to Gas Welding and Cutting 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M387 Centralized vs Decentralized Air Conditioning Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M394 HVAC Multi-Split Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M428 Heat Tracing Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M486 Selection and Sizing of Air Release Valves 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M487 Basic Electrical Engineering for HVAC & Mechanical Engineers 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M488 Control Valve Basics – Sizing & Selection 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M489 Improving Hot Water System Performance in Commercial Kitchens 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M588 Battery Room Ventilation and Safety 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M603 Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M604 Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M605 Stairwell Pressurization Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M606 The MEP Design of Building Services 5 $129 Buy Quiz
P108 Six Ways To Perform Economic Evaluation of Projects 2 $59 Buy Quiz
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