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General Topics Ethics, Board Laws & Rules AIA/CES Registered Courses
Architectural Engineering Green Building & Construction Technology Bridge, Roadway & Transportation
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Human Resources & Leadership Flood, Hydrology & Hydraulics
Civil & Environmental Engineering Legal Issues & Risk Management Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
Electrical & Computer Engineering Life Safety and Building Codes HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection
Geotechnical Engineering ADA, EPA, FEMA and OSHA Regulations Pumps, Valves & Piping Systems
Historical Architecture and Engineering AISI and ANSI Online Courses Computer & Software Application
Material Science & Engineering Florida Approved Courses for PE ** Control System and Instrumentation
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Indiana Approved Courses for PE ** Engineering & Environmental Geology
Pharmaceutical & Biotech Engineering Maryland Approved Courses for PE & LS ** ABIH Approved Courses for CM Points
Power Systems & Nuclear Engineering New Jersey Approved Courses for PE ** Landscape Architecture
Structural Engineering New York Approved Courses for PE & LS ** On-Demand Video Courses
Surveying & Mapping †† Ohio Approved Courses for PE & LS Timed & Monitored Online Courses
Health, Safety & Welfare NY WI OH NE IA Accepted Live Webinars* PDH Course Package Deals
Project, Cost & Business Management Free Course & Special Offers All Courses - Grouped by PDH

* IA PE, WI PE and NY PE/LS must complete 20, 13 and 18/16 hours, respectively, through live interactive courses in each renewal cycle.
** PE in Indiana and PE & LS in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and New York are required to take courses through approved providers only.
† Ohio PE & LS are required to complete at least 24 hours in live webinars or timed & monitored online courses in each renewal cycle.
‡ AIA/CES Registered Courses are acceptable to American Institute of Architects and to all State Boards for Registered Architects (RA).
†† State-specific courses for land surveyors are listed under Surveying & Mapping category.
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On-Demand Video Courses PDH Units/
Learning Units (Hours)
A134V Empire State Building: Monarch of the Sky (Video Course) 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
C214V Environmental Management System (Video Course) 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
C379V An Introduction to Geotextiles in Pavement and Drainage Applications (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
C542V Introduction to On-Site Wastewater Treatment (Video Course) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G254V Principles of Sustainable Design for Buildings (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G290V An Introduction to Building Design Specifications and Tools (Video Course) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G417V Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources (Video Course) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G451V Recycling: From Waste to Usable Products (Video Course) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
L129V FEMA’s Flood Maps (FIRM) - Understanding and Utilizing This Resource (Video Course) 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
L149V Construction Layout - In-Depth Discussion (Video Course) 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
R133V Ethical Issues from the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel Collapse (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R134V Ethical Issues from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R135V Ethical Issues from the St. Francis Dam Fail (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R136V Ethical Issues in Design-Build (Video Course) 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
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