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* IA PE, WI PE and NY PE/LS must complete 20, 13 and 18/16 hours, respectively, through live interactive courses in each renewal cycle.
** PE in Indiana and PE & LS in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and New York are required to take courses through approved providers only.
† Ohio PE & LS are required to complete at least 24 hours in live webinars or timed & monitored online courses in each renewal cycle.
‡ AIA/CES Registered Courses are acceptable to American Institute of Architects and to all State Boards for Registered Architects (RA).
†† State-specific courses for land surveyors are listed under Surveying & Mapping category.
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Computer & Software Application PDH Units/
Learning Units (Hours)
C100 Geographic Information System 101 12 $245 Buy Now Quiz
C101 What Do Engineers and Architects Need to Know about the Finite Element Method? 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
C423 GIS Applications in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
C657 Introduction to Mathcad Prime 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
E116 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers - Part I 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E117 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers - Part II 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E124 Telecommunications Premises Distribution Planning, Design, and Estimating 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E125 Municipal Ordinances and Reviews for Wireless Communication Towers 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E128 Wireless Network Security 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E129 Digital Power Metering and Industrial Data Communication for Meter Systems 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E130 Introduction to Digital Process Control and Industrial Data Communication for Process Control 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E132 Fundamentals of Computer Systems Performance Analysis 1 $26 Buy Now Quiz
E133 Metrics of Computer Performance 2 $54 Buy Now Quiz
E134 What Do All of These Means Mean? 3 $84 Buy Now Quiz
E135 Errors and Confidence Intervals 3 $84 Buy Now Quiz
E136 Statistically Comparing Two Alternatives 2 $53 Buy Now Quiz
E137 Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 3 $83 Buy Now Quiz
E138 Automatic Control Systems - Part I: Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E139 Automatic Control Systems - Part II: Laplace Transform and Time-Domain Analysis 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E140 Automatic Control Systems - Part III: Root Locus Technique 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E145 Software Engineering Concepts 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
E155 CPU (Central Processing Unit) Chip: Cooling Problems, Requirements and Solutions 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E157 Artificial Intelligence: Technologies for Smart Systems Design 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E173 Data Center Design Criteria 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E175 Introduction to Computer Networking 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E180 Software Security: Practical Defensive Strategies 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E225 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - I 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E226 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - II 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E227 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - III 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E240 Successful Integration of Controls System Devices 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E268 Cloud Computing 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E283 Karnaugh Maps (Digital Logic Optimization) 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E326 Introduction to Digital Logic 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E329 Computer Data Backup & Transfer: The Need for USB 3.0 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E330 PoweredUSB, Make the USB Cable Robust & Include 12 & 24 Vdc 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E331 Fundamentals of PID Control 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E332 Microcontrollers: An Introduction 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E334 Structured Text Programming 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E342 Computer Upgrade, Home, Business, Game, & Theater 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E354 Agile Software Development 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E376 Improving Industrial Control Systems Security 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E377 Digital Logic Systems Volume I - Digital Number Systems 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E378 Digital Logic Systems Volume II - Fundamental Logic Circuits 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E379 Digital Logic Systems Volume III - Special Logic Circuits 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E383 What Mr. Morse Hath Wrought 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E384 Automation Evolution 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E387 4G Wireless Air-Interface: Design Requirements & Criteria 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E395 Microcontrollers: Design and Implementation 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E411 US Frequency Allocation Chart 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E413 Wye-Delta Motor Starters 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E414 Recommended Practice for Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities as Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
E445 Spread Spectrum via Linear Shift-Register Sequences 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E449 Cabling Network, Wireless & Fiber Optics Installation Standards 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E450 Understanding Three-Phase Transformers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E452 Process Control Systems Types & Selection 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E454 Broadband Over Power Lines 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E464 Optical Fibers, Lasers and Modulators 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E465 Fiber Optic Serial Communication 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E482 Networking for Introverts 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E483 Calculating Nonlinear Power 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E497 Industrial Communications and Control Protocols 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E498 Electric Tariffs 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E499 Protection of Low Voltage Circuits 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E500 Digital Logic Design: Combinational Logic 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E509 Modular Datacenter Security Room Assembly Processes 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E515 Modulation – Volume I – Amplitude Modulation 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E516 Modulation – Volume II – Angle and Pulse Modulation 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E517 Modulation – Volume III – Demodulation 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E522 Anatomy of P&ID (Process & Instrument Diagram) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E523 Optical Fiber Small Form Factor Receivers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E525 It Thinks Therefore It Is: The Evolution of the Computer 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E526 Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Transit Applications 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E529 Highly Integrated Silicon Photonic Transceivers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E530 Virtual Sensors 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E531 Flywheels for Rapid-Response Regulation of Electricity Grid 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E562 Guidelines for 10 CFR50.59 Evaluations 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E581 The Math That Saved the Internet: 400 Gb/s Optical Modules per IEEE 802.3bs 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E595 Application of Synchrophasors 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E607 IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding Part 1 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E608 Combustion Controls for Coal Stoker Fired Boiler 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E609 Anatomy of The Instrument Index (database) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G107 Engineering Design Using Excel Worksheet 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G110 Soil Slope Stability Analysis Using the Friction Circle Method Programmed in EXCEL 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G180 Basic Applied Finite Element Analysis 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G244 PC Fundamentals for Design Professionals 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G352 GIS Fundamentals and Mapping 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G388 Introduction to Mathcad Prime 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G450 Recent Advances in Technology 2 $19 Buy Now Quiz
G453W GPS Technologies (Live Webinar)PE, PLS, RA
Next Web Seminar: Thur, Oct. 25, 2018, 8:30 AM-10:30 AM, ET
2 $110 Buy Now Quiz
G158 Effective Email for the Technical Professional 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G195 Object-Oriented Thinking 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G196 Excel Spreadsheet Basics for Engineers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G206 AutoCAD 2-D Basics 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G209 AutoCAD 3-D Basics 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G210 US National CAD Standard, NCS 3.1-07, for Electrical Design 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G210U US National CAD Standard, NCS 3.1-07, for Electrical Design (Audio Version) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G245 PC Networking for Design Professionals 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G295 Aero Navigation - Part 1 Through 9 of 35 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
G320 Designing with Parameters in Autodesk Inventor 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G342 Introduction to GIS 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G342W Introduction to GIS (Live Webinar)PE, PLS, RA
Next Web Seminar: Tue., Oct. 30, 2018, 8:30 AM-12:20 PM, ET
4 $220 Buy Now Quiz
G349 State Machines 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G350 CATIA-5 PART-A: 3D CAD, Parts, Assemblies and Drawings 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G351 CATIA-5 PART-B: 3D CAD, Mechanisms and Finite Element Analysis 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G352W GIS Fundamentals and Mapping (Live Webinar)PE, PLS, RA
Next Web Seminar: Tue., Oct. 30, 2018, 1:00 PM-5:00 PM, ET
4 $220 Buy Now Quiz
G353 Geographic Information System 101 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
G353W Geographic Information System 101 (Live Webinar)PE, PLS, RA
Next Web Seminar: Tue., Oct. 30, 2018, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, ET
8 $440 Buy Now Quiz
G354 Introduction to E-book Technologies 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G365 Error Detection in Digital Systems 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G368 Bridging the Gap between Software and Non-Software Engineers 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G425 Introduction to Digital Signatures - Part One 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G426 Fuzzy Logic and Controls 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G429 Linear Least Squares Parameter Estimation 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G488 An Introduction to Cybersecurity 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G516 Drone Technology 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G517 Collaborative Robotics 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G518 Battery Anxiety 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G522 Biometrics 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G527 Metrology 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G553 Introduction to R Statistical Programming for Engineers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G571 Cybersecurity and the Electrical Power Grid 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
H141 Hydraulic Calculations Using Mathcad - Part 1: Simple Pipelines 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
L153 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Hardware and software in GIS 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
L154 Data in GIS 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
L155 Data Models and Data processing in GIS 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
M237 Heat Transfer Excel Calculations 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M259 Weldment Strength Excel Calculations 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M390 Vibration and Shock Load Spreadsheet Analysis 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M391 Machine Design Spreadsheet Analysis Elements 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
M418 SolidWorks CAD Basics and Stress Analysis 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
M419W Introduction to Mathcad (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Seminar: Thur., Jan. 31, 2019, 6:30 PM - 8:20 PM, ET
2 $110 Buy Now Quiz
M420 Engineering with Mathcad 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
M424 HVAC Spreadsheet Calculations and Free Psychrometric Software 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M426 Stress and Failure Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures with Computer-Based Solutions 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
M471 Introduction to Finite Element Method 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
M476 The Reynolds Number - Units in a Dimensionless Number 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M483 Moore’s Law: Rise of the Machines 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M495 An Introduction to Sound Level Data for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M553 Alternative Cooling Sources for Data Centers 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
M554 Boeing 747-100: The Plane That Changed the World 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
M571 Identification Datacenter and Safe Room 7 $179 Buy Now Quiz
M572 Tucker 48: The Car of Tomorrow 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
M581 Electromechanical Encoders 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
M622 L-1011 vs. DC-10: Battle of the Wide-Body Tri-Jets 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
P237 Risk Management Fundamentals 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P248 AGP-VI: America’s Greatest Projects - Americans in Space – Phase 2 – Project Gemini 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S105 Basics of Computer-Assisted Analysis of Building and Industrial Structures 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
S112 Engineering Calculations Using Mathcad 5 $95 Buy Now Quiz
S140 Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design using AISIWINTM Software 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S188W International Building Code - Structural Design (Live Webinar)PE & RA, AIA HSW
Next Web Seminar: Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, ET
8 $440 Buy Now Quiz
S210W Introduction to Finite Element Methods (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Seminar: Friday, Aug. 17, 2018, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, ET
8 $660 Buy Now Quiz
S213 Finite Element Structural Analysis on an Excel Spreadsheet 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S239 Beam Spreadsheet Calculations 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
S248W International Building Code - Structural Design (Live Webinar)PE & RA, AIA HSW
Next Web Seminar: Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, ET
10 $550 Buy Now Quiz
S252W International Building Code - Structural Design (Half-Day Session) (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Seminar: Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, ET
4 $220 Buy Now Quiz
S272 Fundamentals of Finite Element Method 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
S322W Introduction to Building Codes (Live Webinar)PE, RA
Next Web Seminar: Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, ET
2 $110 Buy Now Quiz
Related Courses
C903 The Transatlantic Cable and the Birth of the Telecom Industry 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
E143 Introduction to Fiber Optic Cable Technology 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E168 Introduction to High Temperature Superconductors 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E193 Overview of Uninterruptive Power Systems (UPS) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E254 Introduction to Wiki Technology 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E390 The Magic of Light 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E524 Modern Closed Circuit TV Design 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
F100 Life Safety Code 101 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G109 Practical Dynamic Analysis and Design for Engineers and Architects 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G152 Equipment Specifications: Requirements, Developments, and Use 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G160 Maximum Likelihood & Gauss-Markov Parameter Estimation 3 $39 Buy Now Quiz
G162 Introduction to The U.S. Patent System 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G190 Overview of the ISO System 1 $9 Buy Now Quiz
G191 Concept of Building Information Modeling 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
G198 Protecting Technology 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G199 Copyright of Engineering Drawings, Plans and Designs 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G200 How to Prepare Patent Drawings 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G204 Design for Static Strength 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G235 Applying For a Patent Online 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G236 How to Invent by the NCMR Method 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G238 Introduction to Reliability Engineering 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G260 Understanding the Life Safety Code 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G293 How to Give Effective PowerPoint Presentations 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G519 American Reticence against the DMS 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
K110 Bioinformatics 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M240 Automation and Robots 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
M315 Bucket Elevator Excel Calculations 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
M369 Earth Moving Equipment Spreadsheet Engineering Elements 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P132 Managing Project Cost, Revenue and Profit 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P138 Consultants and Owners from the Other’s Perspective - Avoiding Conflict and Forming Strong Relationships 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P148 Managing Employees for Success 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P164 Order Minimums, Winners, and Losers - What Owner’s Desire from Consultants (A/E’s) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P166 Becoming an Effective Executive 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
P167 Golden Principles of Human Relations for Licensed Professionals 10 $195 Buy Now Quiz
P174 Engineering Your Career 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
P184 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P186 In Search of Excellence 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P198 Three Secrets of the One Minute Manager 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
P200 The Art of Influence without Manipulation 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
P216 Leadership Fundamentals I 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
P217 Leadership Fundamentals II 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
P227 Fundamentals of Project Management 14 $265 Buy Now Quiz
P245 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Engineers 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
R107 Ethics for EngineersABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3820 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R120 Engineering and Business Ethics - A Biblical Perspective 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
S106 Design/Evaluation of Overhead Lifting Lugs 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
S133 Post-Tensioned Concrete Design Spreadsheet Program 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S134 Design of Bolts in Shear-Bearing Connections per AISC LRFD 3rd Edition (2001) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
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